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14 Day Bone Broth Cleanse


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For maximum benefits of bone broth, we have developed an exclusive cleanse from Fit Foods- Macronutrient balanced and easy to follow.  No deprivation feeling and always delicious!

Includes: Organic grapefruit, 14 quarts Bonetic Broth, Fit Energy Shots (optional),  Organic avocados, and 20 Vegetarian Meals with an easy to follow schedule, set of directions and weekly personal check ins.

Our Bone Broth has 2x the Industry standard of collagen per quart- we use 4lbs of bone per yielded quart of broth.

Our Cleanse INCLUDES:

complete schedule and guide

18 quarts of Bonetic Broth

22 Meals specifically engineered and scheduled for the cleanse

14 energy shots (Made in house)

Organic Grapefruits and Organic Avocados

Always consult a physician before starting a new nutritional regiment.  Do not purchase if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant in the next 30 days, breast feeding or under 18 years of age.


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