Fit Food Redlands

Frequently Asked Question

  • When can I cancel?

    CANCEL PRIOR TO YOUR NEXT BILLING. It is not our responsibility to monitor if your billing cycles as they correlate to your cancellations. Fit Foods will assume that a cancel has been made before the next billing date. Do not assume your will get another delivery. When in question, please contact Tracey before FRIDAY.

  • How do I cancel my order?
    • Please use your account to cancel your order. Log into your account and go to "SUBSCRIPTIONS" and you can HOLD or CANCEL at any time. The final deadline to cancel any order for the following week is Friday at 6pm. Any cancellations received after the deadline will apply to the following week. Your last delivery will be delivered in paper so that you can return your last cooler bag.

    • Drivers are not responsible for conveying cancellation messages. Please direct any questions on cancellation via the website.

  • What is your bag return policy?

    At the time of your initial order, you can chose to pay for one deposit per order for a cooler bag. It is a one time $25 REFUNDABLE fee. If you pay for one deposit and place two or more orders, all subsequent orders will be delivered in paper. Please buy a bag deposit for every order you want delivered in a cooler. If you do not wish to have your food delivered in a cooler bag, simply delete the bag fee from your shopping cart at the time of purchase.

    If you cancel before TUESDAY, your last delivery will come in paper and you can easily return the last cooler bag for your deposit. IF YOU CANCEL AFTER your last order has been delivered, you have 10 DAYS from time of cancellation to return your bag to either of the following locations:

    1. Crossfit CDR: 700E Redlands Blvd, Redlands, 92373 (in the Albertsons shopping center) During Class times (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR CLASS SCHEDULE)
    2. Fit Foods Redlands- 363 N E St, San Bernardino You can stop by our commercial kitchen facilty during our working hours- MON, FRI (9am – 4pm), TUES, SAT (7am-noon)

    If you fail to return a bag from one order, your next order will be delivered in Paper. At any time you should have no more than one bag and one set of ice packs. Once your cooler bag/ice pack has been returned- send an email to tracey(at)fitfoodsco(dot)com and in the subject line put REFUND MY DEPOSIT- include your full name, address and customer number.

    Drivers do not pick up empty bags after cancellation.

    Do not give your bags to another customer to return.

  • What if I decide to cancel after my last order has already been delivered?

    It’s no problem if you would like to return the bag by Sunday, you can avoid the cooler bag charge. You must make arrangements to return the bag by email. Our commercial kitchen DOES NOT receive returned bags. And our drivers do not make special trips to pick up the bag on the following week- it is your responsibility to either get the bag returned or pay the bag fee.

  • Why was my refund NOT for the entire amount of my purchase?

    When a customer decides to cancel AFTER an order has been placed, or payment has been processed, the merchant fee will be deferred back to the customer. When the customer changes their mind on a purchase, would like to cancel late, the fee will applied to the refund.

  • What if I miss canceling my subscription before it automatically renews?

    AS of MARCH 1st, 2016- if a customer meant to cancel their subscription before it renews automatically through the website and wishes to cancel after their auto renew- there will be a charge. To have the charges reversed and cancel your subscription there will be a 15.00 charge automatically applied.
    Please manage your own subscriptions.

    When you cancel your subscription, you do get an automatic response indicating that it has been processed. If you remove your credit card number, it will still process as an order. Remember, if you ever have any problems canceling prior to your renewal, you can email tracey(at)fitfoodsco(dot)com for assistance.

  • How long do I have to return my cooler bag to obtain my deposit?

    You have 10 days from date of cancellation to return your bags for your deposit.

  • Do I have to pay the $25 deposit for a cooler bag when placing my order?
    • NO! You do not need to reserve a cooler bag. If you opt out of the cooler deposit, your food will be transported on ice in a large commercial cooler and then left on your door without ice. If you chose to pay the deposit- it is a one-time REFUNDABLE charge of $25. Once your cooler bag has been returned to us, in good condition, we will refund the $25 back to your credit card on file.

    • (As of January 1st, 2019) If you chose to NOT use the cooler bag and you opt for a paper bag, we do not reimburse for broken or otherwise damaged containers. Once the paper bag has been left at your door in great condition, it is no longer our responsibility. Paper bags tend to get wet or break at the bottom when left unattended and therefore we do urge the use of a Fit Foods cooler bag.

    • We strongly suggest you cancel before your final delivery so we can deliver in a paper bag and pick up your final bag at that time.

    • If you miss your final delivery, you can return your cooler bag to my CDR Redlands Fitness- located at 700 E Redlands Blvd (in the Albertsons shopping center- see hours of operation at bottom of this section).


    • You have 10 days to let us know if you are returning the bag. You may also keep the bag and the next time you order, put it back into circulation.

  • Can I purchase less than 10 meals?
    • If you purchase ONLY LUNCH or ONLY DINNER (5 meals a week), we have a designated DROP zone where your meals will be delivered. It is CDR Fitness in Redlands, located at 700 E. Redlands Blvd in Albertsons shopping center. Pick Up days are Monday and Wednesday between the hours of 5am-11:00am- afternoon hours vary, so we suggest a morning pick up to ensure someone is there.

    • If you have a concern about your order please contact Tracey(at)fitfoodsco(dot)com directly. CDR is our host, please be courteous to them, their clients and their business hours. They will not be able to answer any specific questions about your order

  • Can I order multiple meal plans in one transaction?
    • You are able to place multiple meal plans at one time. Customers are encouraged to set up separate accounts for each meal plan order. It makes it much easier to change individual plans. The meal plans are billed on a recurring basis.

    • If you place multiple orders under the same account, they can not be individually managed without deleting them all. Please use ONE account per person

  • Can I modify my order?
    • If you have specific taste preferences or allergies, we will do our best to accommodate them. If they are basic, please list them under the “NOTES” section of your order. However, if they are extreme, please call ahead and speak to our head chef prior to ordering. We reserve the right to discontinue service at any time.

    • Please note that we use many nuts in the kitchen, including peanut butter. IF you have any nut allergy, please keep that in consideration. While our staff takes cross contamination very seriously, we can not control how the nuts were processed during packaging.

  • What does a full order consist of and how is the delivery broken up?
    • A full order consists of 10 meals- 5 lunches, and 5 dinners for the bodybuilder, lifestyle, Jr Lifestyle, competitor or paleo menus- the zone plans come with 10 meals plus 5 additional snacks.

    • We divide your order into 2 deliveries- the first delivery you will receive the first 5 meals (Monday lunch & dinner, Tuesday lunch & dinner and Wednesday lunch). On the 2nd delivery you get the remainder of the weeks’ meals. If you receive snacks or oatmeals as part of your plan (Detox & Zones)- the 5 items are delivered 3/2- on the first delivery 3 of the items are delivered and on the 2nd delivery, the final 2 items are sent.

    • We also offer "The First 5" which is a once a week delivery of the first 5 meals on the menu- (meals (Monday lunch & dinner, Tuesday lunch & dinner and Wednesday lunch)- this is delivered on the first delivery.

    • Just Lunch/Just Dinners are PICK UP ONLY. (see pick up location)

    • If you order additional a la cart snack items they are typically delivered all on the 2st delivery- unless being restocked and in which case, will be delivered on the 2nd shipment.

  • What are the delivery nights?

    We deliver twice a week for all 10 meal plan orders.

    The following cities correspond to their day and time:

    Delivered on SATURDAY and TUESDAY (5pm - 9pm).

    1. Yucaipa
    2. Calimesa
    3. Crafton Hills
    4. Banning
    5. Beaumont
    6. Cabazon
    7. Palm Springs
    8. Palm Desert
    9. Indio
    10. Sun Lakes
    11. Moreno Valley
    12. Grand Terrace

    Delivered on SUNDAY and TUESDAY (4pm - 9pm).

    1. Highland
    2. Rialto
    3. Fontana
    4. San Bernardino
    5. Redlands
    6. Mentone
    7. Rancho Cucamonga
    8. Upland
    9. Alta Loma
    10. Norco
    11. Riverside
    12. Eastvale
  • What is the minimum order for delivery?

    We delivery no less than 5 meals at a time- the only plans we DO NOT deliver is JUST LUNCH and JUST DINNER. There is no additional delivery fee unless you live in outlier areas- see the exceptions on the ABOUT US page. The delivery fee when applied is 10.00- we also do not discount plans when you chose to pick up.

  • Do I need to be home at the time of delivery?
    • You do not need to be home at the time of delivery. Please note that the ice packs are intended to keep the meals chilled during the delivery only and not after arrival at your door. We recommend that customers make accommodations to get the delivery into a refrigerator as soon as possible (especially if you opted out of the cooler bag- as the ice pack is removed upon drop off). If you need an alternate delivery destination, please inform us of this not later than Friday at 6pm prior to the following week.

    • Once the food is delivered, it is YOUR responsibility to refrigerate it. Drivers ring all doorbells (unless indicated otherwise on your initial order) and you will receive a text message to the number left on your first order.

    • IF THE DRIVER PHYSICALLY HANDS THE FOOD TO ANYONE AT THE RESIDENCE, SEES YOU TAKE THE FOOD OFF THE DOORSTEP BEFORE DEPARTING he or she will not text you. We have amazing drivers who take a lot of pride in their jobs so please acknowledge that the text message has been received.

  • How will I know when the food has been delivered?

    The driver will send a text to the number given when you set your account up indicating a delivery has been made. It is not the drivers’ responsibility to remind clients to put used bags out and they will NOT make special trips back to pick up old bags. Please do not ask them to.

  • What cities do you deliver to?

    1. 354

    2. 96gonzalezn@gmail.com

    3. aaron@thenorrisgroup.com

    4. acolburn99@yahoo.com

    5. Add Ons

    6. Agave

    7. airchelly80@icloud.com

    8. All natural chicken

    9. All Skim Parmesan

    10. Almond Flour

    11. Alta Loma

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    13. amorenorn@me.com

    14. amorenorn@me.com

    15. amraznmama@yahoo.com

    16. an_owen@hotmail.com

    17. anabetty031480@yahoo.com

    18. Ancient Grains

    19. andreikoj@charter.net

    20. Arenaslomalinda@yahoo.com

    21. arodbills@gmail.com

    22. arodbills@gmail.com

    23. arollings407@aol.com

    24. Artichokes

    25. arwahunsucker@gmail.com

    26. arwajunk@gmail.com

    27. ashleymleewang@gmail.com

    28. Asparagus

    29. Asparagus

    30. atelmos@ymail.com

    31. Athlete

    32. Avocado

    33. Avocado Salsa

    34. Baby Corn

    35. Baby Tomatoes

    36. Balsamic Dressing

    37. Bamboo Shoots

    38. Banning

    39. Basil

    40. Basil Marinara

    41. Basil Pesto

    42. Basmati Rice

    43. Beaumont

    44. Bell Peppers

    45. beniceram@yahoo.com

    46. berangeretucker@outlook.com

    47. berdoojerry@yahoo.com

    48. bettykeeling@msn.com

    49. bhidalgo5512@yahoo.com

    50. Black Beans

    51. Black Olives

    52. Blue Lake Green Beans

    53. bluelinenutrition@yahoo.com

    54. Bodybuilder Meal Plan

    55. Bodybuilder Meal Plans

    56. Bodybuilder Menu- Feb.12th-18th (Deadline 2/16)

    57. Bodybuilder Menu- Feb.5th-11th (Deadline 2/2)

    58. Bodybuilders

    59. bone broth

    60. Breakfast Options

    61. briannasorby@gmail.com

    62. Broccoli

    63. Broccoli

    64. brooke_baker@outlook.com

    65. Broths

    66. Brown Rice

    67. Brown Rice

    68. Brown Rice Pasta Noodles

    69. brownie

    70. bryanprenticemsn@gmail.com

    71. bulk chicken

    72. Butternut Turnip Puree

    73. Cabbage

    74. Calimesa

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    76. cancelled

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    93. chicken

    94. Chicken Stock

    95. Chile

    96. Chipotle Chile

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    99. Cilantro

    100. Citrus Asian Dressing

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    102. Classic Lifestyle

    103. cmcfayden81@gmail.com

    104. Coconut Flour

    105. Coconut Milk

    106. Coconut Oil

    107. Colton

    108. Competitor Meal Plan

    109. Competitor Menu- Feb.12th-18th (Deadline 2/16)

    110. Competitor Menu- Feb.5th-11th (Deadline 2/2)

    111. Competitors

    112. completed

    113. Contact

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    118. Creamy Polenta

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    154. Dried Potato Flakes

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    276. LIFESTYLE

    277. Lifestyle

    278. Lifestyle Meal Plan

    279. Lifestyle Meal Plans

    280. Lifestyle Menu- Feb.12th-18th (Deadline 2/16)

    281. Lifestyle Menu- Feb.5th-11th (Deadline 2/2)

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    537. Zone Meal Plans

  • How will I know when my meal plan has been delivered?
    • On all new orders, (as of July 2015) you have the option for selecting to have the driver ring your doorbell at time of delivery. If you wish to NOT have your doorbell rung, please indicate that at time of ordering. All drivers WILL text you a delivery confirmation and RING appropriate doorbells.

    • (As of Jan/1/2019) In an effort to be more efficient with routes, if customers have an IRING (or other smart doorbell)- the drivers will not send a text. They will ring the doorbell, wait an appropriate amount of time to be answered and if no answer is received, we will assume the recipient can review the doorbell log and see the delivery has been made.

    • If you have opted for a PICK UP - your food will be available for pick up on MONDAYS and/or WEDNESDAY am. Please click here for details. If you do not pick up your food on the week it was delivered it will be thrown away at your expense. We do not redeliver pick up arrangements or re make food the customer forgets to pick up.

  • What if I order food for just one week?

    You may order as little as one week, but it is YOUR responsibility to change or cancel your own plan. Do not text the drivers to cancel; they are not responsible for relaying messages. You can email the website for assistance or follow these simple steps.

    1. Visit your account's subscriptions.

    2. View the subscription you wish to cancel.

    3. Click SUSPEND to apply action.

  • What happens if I order an item and NOT a full meal plan?

    You can order any amount of snacks or non renewable items and they will be delivered to our local pick up spot in Redlands.

  • What happens if I order AFTER the deadline?

    If you order after the Friday night deadline and before Monday, we can deliver you a HALF order on Tuesday evening. Your account will be credited the other half and then the following week your order will be delivered twice. You can also opt for a full 10 meal delivery on Tuesday. Please contact us if you would like a 10 meal delivery on Tuesday.

  • How do I change plans?

    It is simple to change plans. You cancel your current plan, and place a new order (please delete the bag deposit from the shopping cart).

    It is your responsibility to change your own plan. Drivers are not responsible for relaying this type of information. Text messages, Instagram or Facebook messages are also not appropriate forms of communication for administrative changes. The only recognized form of communication for billing or account questions is an EMAIL.

  • What are my payment options?

    All orders placed through our website accept credit/debit cards payment only. We accept all credit cards; Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Payments are debited automatically each week based on your time of purchase. Payments continue until your order is cancelled or suspended.

  • Is there a time-length commitment?

    Subscription orders require a one week commitment.

    Note: You must cancel subscriptions before the next renewal period to avoid renewal charges.

  • How will my Fit Food charges show up on my credit card statement?

    The payment is processed as “Fit Foods Redlands” and is automatically billed by the merchant system exactly 7 days from the time of your order. Please note when your order will renew.

  • Are there any penalties for late or declined cards?
    • The system will automatically retry your credit card three times. After the third fail, your order will be removed for delivery that following week. The system does send out emails about failed payments. Please handle this situation in a timely manner- if the payment has not processed by 8am Saturday am, the customer is removed from the delivery list.

    • The only fees we do charge for are late cancellations, or reversing a order once it has been made. It is your responsibility to track your payment date. We do not refund NSF fees you may incur from an overdrawn account.

    • It is also your responsibility to cancel your own account. If you send an email through the site, your request will not be handled until business hours on Friday. If your payment goes through prior to Friday, you must cancel yourself through the website.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started with Fit Foods is simple.

    1. Ensure Fit Foods delivers to your city.

    2. Pick a category and subsequent plan or call us to discuss your specific nutritional needs. All our programs are naturally low in sodium, cholesterol and heart healthy so the biggest decision revolves around portion size and specific macronutrient choices.

    3. Place your order no later than FRIDAY at 6pm for the following week. You can CLICK HERE to choose a meal plan.

  • How do I choose a program?

    After selecting a general category of ATHLETE, LIFESTYLE or WEIGHT LOSS- which should help you narrow down your choices, then you can select a program.

    We offer several programs, which you can choose from:

    1. Lifestyle – Low Carb, High Protein and never boring! This is our most popular menu and great for athletes and healthy appetites (all 6oz protein servings)

    2. Bodybuilder – High carb, High protein (8oz protein servings)- this is your basic “meat and potatoes” of the diet world- no salt, just protein, carbs and veggies- Great for picky eaters, hard gainers and extremely active people.

    3. Zone – We offer 3, 4, 5 6 Block programs based on the ZONE diet by Dr. Larry Spears. The Zone diet teaches portion control and had portioned macros of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (the carbohydrates are always either brown rice or sweet potatoes) Read more about this diet plan: Zone Diet

    4. Paleo – The Paleo Diet is based high protein and no starchy carbsm beans legumes, dairy or grains. We can customize any portion size to Paleo style eating (except ZONE)

    5. Junior Lifestyle – Half size Lifestyle portions- it follows the same menu as the Lifestyle- 3 oz protein portions.

    6. DETOX – a 3 meal program- all salads at lunch with LIFESTYLE non red meat entrees for dinner. Plan includes 5 breakfast oats.

    7. Vegetarian – a 10 meal plan (includes some dairy, starchy carbs and fresh vegetables)- see “what if I don’t eat meat” for further details.

    8. Vegan – a 10 meal plan (includes beans, starchy carbs and fresh vegetables)- see “what if I don’t eat meat” for further details.

    9. The Competitor – The Competitor comes in 4oz and 6oz servings of protein. Lunches are always salads and dinners follow the Bodybuilder diet with a variety of chicken breast, steak, salmon, turkey and ground beef.

  • What is the best way to contact Fit Foods?
    • Please contact us through the Contact Us form found on our website.

    • Although the drivers text all customers on our Fit Foods delivery cell phones, do not text or call those numbers with any specific questions about your account or billing. The drivers are only able to help you with deliveries, nothing else.

  • What is the difference between my billing day and FRIDAY's order deadline?

    Your credit card billing date is delineated based on the time and day you placed your original order. For example, if you ordered on a Wednesday, then your credit card will be rebilled on the following Wednesday. The Friday DEADLINE, is the company’s deadline to add new orders to delivery or for you to remove a delivery. It does not mean your credit card will not be billed until FRIDAY. If your billing date falls on any other day than FRIDAY, we encourage the customer to cancel their own orders. We process all email cancel/change requests on FRIDAYS ONLY.

  • When is the last time to sign up for the upcoming week?

    Friday evening by 6pm is the latest we can add new clients for the following week. Although you can let us know anytime during the week that you are interested in trying our service for the following week.

  • When is the new Weekly Menu released?

    New menu is released by Wednesday night and orders for that menu close on Friday at 6pm. We have a rolling 5 week menu so you will never see a meal repeated any more frequently than that time period.

  • I don't eat meat, are there options for me?

    We offer both vegetarian and vegan plans. They are custom made plans and although we don’t have a set vegetarian menu, everything is made fresh on the delivery days and varies depending on the seasonal ingredients in the kitchen

  • Do you have any options if I don’t like certain food items or meals?

    Each customer has the option to state food preferences in the NOTE section of the initial order form. If they are excessive, the kitchen will contact you and we do reserve the right to cancel your order. If you do not eat certain types of protein, we are happy to do substitutions based on your recommendations. (There is a 10.00 reoccurring fee for extensive customizations).

  • What if I am a vegetarian?

    As of Jan.1st, 2017, we will no longer be able to accommodate vegetarian requests.

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