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Bodybuilder Plan

Bodybuilder Menu-August 21-27th (deadline 8/18)


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LUNCH: Kale and Quinoa Salad- A nutty blend of sunflowers, shredded kale, purple cabbage, romaine, fresh red pepper, shredded carrot, baby tomatoes, grilled chicken, a side of low fat parmesean cheese with a lemon vinaigrette
CAL: 423 Carbs: 44g Protein: 28g Fat: 15g

Dinner: 8oz organic chicken breast infused fresh rosemary from our new organic herb garden- served with steamed fresh assorted veggie and brown rice.
MACROS: CAL: 503 Carbs: 50g Protein: 42g Fat:15g


LUNCH: Mediterranean Turkey Burger- Feta cheese, sundried tomato and fresh basil stuffed Turkey Burger- comes with a fresh white dill sauce-and a side of asparagus spears & roasted bell peppers
CAL: 391 Carbs: 36 g Protein: 32g Fat: 14g

Dinner: 8oz ground organic ground turkey with sautéed peppers and sweet potato- and we re adding a "fried" free range egg to top it off
CAL: 532 Carbs: 48g Protein: 32g Fat: 14g


LUNCH: Traditional Roast Beef with fancy organic baby carrots, mixed ne, topped with a dollop of organic cranberry sauce and comes with a side of scratch made gravy
PALEO: au jus
CAL: 477 Carbs: 38g Protein: 43g Fat: 13g

DINNER: 8oz grass fed sautéed seasoned GF ground beef, roasted sweet potato and grilled vegetables-
MACROS: CAL: 503 Carbs: 50g Protein: 42g Fat:15g


LUNCH: Arugula Melon Pecan Salad- Arugula/romaine base- fresh cantaloupe on a bed of organic greens, all our regular salad fixings, sprinkled with pecans and served with our herbed grilled chicken and signature dressing
CAL: 428 Carbs: 42g Protein: 28g Fat: 18g

DINNER: 8 oz all natural salmon filet, grilled with fresh dill and served with a rice pilaf and mixed green vegetable
MACROS: CAL: 490 Carbs: 40g Protein: 42g Fat:18g


LUNCH: Hunter Stew- this is a client favorite- grassfed beef done in bone broth with tons of veggies- carrot, celery, onion and topped with fresh organic blueberries and fresh parsley
CAL: 358 Carbs: 38g Protein: 38g Fat: 12g

DINNER: 8OZ seared grassfed grilled steak with veggies and roasted baby red potatoes
MACROS: CAL: 523 Carbs: 55g Protein: 42g Fat:15g